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Dental Services in Racine

Helping our patients achieve and maintain bright and healthy smiles is our greatest passion at Belle City Family Dentistry. We feature an array of dental service to promote optimal oral health.
Dr Olesen examining patient

General Dentistry

We encourage our patients to come in for regular checkups so we can help them maintain their smiles. Our general dentistry services include exams, cleanings, digital X-rays, oral cancer screenings, fluoride treatments, sports mouthguards, sealants and occlusal guards. We’ll also furnish you with a personalized care plan to make sure your mouth is in a state of optimal oral health.

Oral Surgery

If you feel too self-conscious to smile due to one or more missing teeth, we want to help you restore your smile. Dr. Olesen can refer you to an oral surgeon who can perform the surgery. If you need a tooth removed, we can provide simple extractions. If, however, you require wisdom tooth removal or another complex extraction, we will refer you to the oral surgeon.

Nitrous Oxide/Sedation

If you feel nervous about receiving dental care, you’re not alone. While we provide friendly and gentle care, we understand that some patients would like to receive sedation before their treatment. We offer local anesthetic and nitrous oxide (“laughing gas”) to help patients relax. If you would like to be asleep while you have your dental work completed, we offer IV sedation that is administered by a dental anesthesiologist.


If you have gingivitis, which is a reversible form of gum inflammation, we offer a non-surgical treatment called scaling and root planing. The goal of this cleaning procedure is to remove bacteria so the gum tissue can heal. For more advanced gum disease, we can refer you to a local periodontist.

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