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Endodontics in Racine

A root canal is considered to be a common dental procedure. The reason why a root canal is often is needed is the presence of infection in the pulp of the tooth. When a root canal is completed, it almost always preserves the affected tooth for the rest of a patient’s life. While Dr. Olesen does not perform any root canals in our practice, she has excellent endodontists (root canal specialists) that she works with and trusts wholeheartedly!

Does Getting a Root Canal Hurt?

While getting a root canal won’t be found at the top of someone’s favorite things to do list, you shouldn’t be concerned. In reality, the root canals of today are often not much more uncomfortable than getting a filling.

What Does the Process Involve?

An X-ray of the affected tooth will be taken. Once the endodontist determines the layout of the tooth’s interior, the outside of the tooth will be isolated from the rest of the mouth. A rubber guard is used for the purpose. This action helps keep the tooth dry and clean while the root canal procedure is performed.

A hole is then drilled into the back surface of the affected tooth. This hole grants the endodontist access to the root canal. The canal is cleaned out using a series of small files. The endodontist inserts a file down the length of the root, scraping out the infected debris. Periodically, they will stop filing and wash away loosened debris from the root canal.

After the endodontist cleans the tooth, the pulp and nerve of the tooth are removed. The tooth is then filled with a compound that helps fortify it while preventing any future infection from developing.

The tooth must be sealed off once the root canal is completed. This is usually accomplished with a filling though it is possible to attach a crown.

Crowns are typically made of all-ceramic or all-porcelain materials to give them the same appearance as the other teeth. The endodontist may use a temporary filling or crown if they determine that it would be better to wait a week to fix the tooth permanently.

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