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Teeth Whitening Racine

Teeth whitening comparisionAre your teeth stained or lackluster from coffee or wine consumption? If you’d like to brighten your smile and boost your confidence, consider teeth whitening at Belle City Family Dentistry serving the Racine & Mount Pleasant communities. We offer both Zoom in-chair whitening and take-home trays.

Zoom in-Chair

Recognized worldwide for its excellent results, Zoom is a bleaching process. It effectively lightens enamel and dentin that have become stained due to consuming red wine, coffee, and cola. Growing older also can cause teeth to darken. With the Zoom in-office tooth whitening procedure, we use a powerful lamp that speeds up the bleaching process. It does so by activating the 25 percent hydrogen peroxide whitening. As the hydrogen peroxide is broken down, oxygen enters the enamel and dentin to bleach the stained substances. The tooth structure isn’t affected.

Take-Home Trays

With the Philips Zoom DayWhite (HP formulation) and NiteWhite (CP formulation) take-home whitening treatments, you can whiten from the comfort of your home. With these options, you can get noticeably whiter teeth in just seven days. Philips Zoom is the only whitening system that uses ACP (amorphous calcium phosphate) to provide a gentle experience and whiter results.


Is teeth whitening safe for my teeth?

Yes; but it’s essential that, if whitening at home, you follow the directions carefully. We believe the safest way to whiten your teeth is in a dental office under the supervision of your dental professional. Dr. Olesen will assess your overall oral health, the health of your teeth and know the history of your teeth. If she knows you are prone to sensitivity, she may recommend a gentler formula that still gets great results.

Will I experience sensitivity?

You may or may not. Sensitivity during treatment does occur in some people. The Zoom light produces little heat, which is typically the source of discomfort. In rare cases, a patient may experience minor tingling immediately after the procedure. Such a feeling always dissipates. Dr. Olesen can recommend an anti-sensitivity toothpaste that you can use before whitening to minimize any sensitivity.

How long does my treatment last?

Your results can last for many months before a touch-up is needed. However, how long your whitening lasts depends on your behaviors. For example, if you drink coffee or wine daily or smoke, your teeth will likely get re-stained.

What can I do to keep my smile looking bright?

It’s a good idea to avoid teeth-staining substances such as coffee, tea, red wine and tobacco. If you must consume dark beverages, consider using a straw, which allows the fluid to bypass your front teeth. You also should brush or rinse immediately after consuming stain-producing beverages or foods. Keep up with your oral hygiene regimen of brushing at least twice a day and flossing once daily. You also can use a whitening toothpaste (only once or twice a week) to remove surface stains. To keep your pearly whites bright, you also can touch up your teeth every six months or after a year.

Get a Brighter Smile Today

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